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1. Definitions. 1

2. General information. 3

3. Content. 4

4. Contact for Customers and Users. 5

5. Newsletters and newsletters. 6

6. Privacy Policy. 6

7. Cookies Policy on 13

8. Card payment. 15

9. Online Sales Policy. 16

10. GIFT CARDS. 25

11. Fraud. 26

12. Limitation of Liability. 27

13. Force majeure and contingencies. 28

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1. Definitions

For the purposes of these Terms, the terms used herein have the following meanings:, CUCLO – 2A2D Ltd, registered office: Sofia, Bulgaria, 36 Ami Boue Str., organized in accordance with Bulgarian legislation BG175288927. 2A2D Ltd owns and operates an online store accessible at

SITE - Domain and its subdomains.

CONTENT has the following definition:
• all information on the SITE that may be viewed or accessed through the use of digital equipment;
• all information on the SITE that may be viewed or accessed through the use of digital equipment;
• the content of any electronic message sent to the USERS or CLIENTS by CUCLO electronically and / or any other means of communication available;
•any information communicated, by all means, by an employee or associate of CUCLO to the USER or the CLIENT, according to the contact information, whether or not stated by him;
• information on the products, services and / or tariffs practiced by CUCLO over a period of time;
• information on the products, services and / or tariffs practiced by a third party with which CUCLO signed partnership agreements over a period of time;
• data on CUCLO or other privileged data.

SERVICE - the e-commerce service, conducted exclusively in the publicly accessible parts of the SITE, regarding the provision of an opportunity for the CLIENT to negotiate products and / or services using only electronic means, including other means of distance communication.

USER - a person who accesses the CONTENT through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or on the basis of an user agreement between CUCLO and him, and which requires the creation and use of PROFILE.

PROFILE - composed of an email and password that allows a single USER to access restricted areas of the SITE through which access to the SERVICE is made.

CUSTOMER - a person who has or gains access to the CONTENT and the SERVICE after creating a CUSTOMER PROFILE.

ORDER - an electronic document, which is a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer, with which the Buyer sends to the Seller, through the site, the desire to buy Products or Services from the Site.

DOCUMENT - these General Terms of Use

COMMERCIAL INFORMATION - any kind of sent message (eg email / SMS / phone call / cellphone / web sent messages, etc.) containing general and specific information about similar or complementary products of the kind you are purchased / viewed online, information on offers and promotions, information on goods or services added to your shopping cart / account and other commercial information such as market research surveys.

Distance Contract - in accordance with Directive 2011/83 / EU on Consumer Rights: any contract concluded between a trader and a consumer within an organized system of sales or distance services without the physical presence of the trader and the consumer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of communication at a distance, up to and including the time when the contract is concluded;

PERSONAL DATA - any type of information relating to a person who is identified or identifiable ("data subject"); usually includes first name and surname, home address email address, personal identification number, telephone number, client identification number, universal unique identifiers (UUID), geolocation data, etc .;

ADMINISTRATOR - a natural or legal person, public body, agency or other organization that, individually or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means for the processing of personal data;

CONSENT - of data subject means any specific informed and unambiguous act of the data subject's free will by which he / she accepts with a declaration or indisputable action that his / her personal data will be processed.

PROCESSING - any action / set of actions performed in relation to personal data (with or without automatic means), appropriate collection, recording, management, structuring, storage, adaptation, modification, retrieval, consulting, use, disclosure, provision, coordination, combining, restricting, deleting, etc. (ie any type of action taken in respect of personal data);

BULLETIN / NOTICE - a periodic means of information, exclusively by electronic means, for products, services and / or promotions provided by CUCLO over a period of time, without any commitment by CUCLO with respect to the information contained therein .

TRANSACTION - collection or refund of the amount received from the sale of a product / service by CUCLO to the Client, using the services of a card processing company approved by CUCLO or by bank transfer, regardless of the method of delivery.

2. General information

2.1. The document defines the terms and conditions for the use of the site / content / service by the User or the Client, if he does not have another valid usage agreement concluded between CUCLO and him. Please read this document carefully to avoid any possible undesirable / unpleasant results that may occur for the User / Member / Client, such as those that have a negative impact on his data and / or information provided to CUCLO.

2.2 Services and / or delivery of products shall commence immediately upon completion of all necessary registration formalities. Upon registration, the User / Member / Client undertakes to provide the exact details of their name, address and other necessary data for processing and awarding of orders. To correct or update this information, please go to the "personal data" menu in the application and to "My account". When you log in to your user account and use your personal password, you are responsible for all actions that result from it. CUCLO is not responsible for errors / incidents resulting from the user's negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his / her account and password.

2.3. Use, including but not limited to access, visit and review of the content / service, includes the accession of a User / Member / Client to these Terms of Use; User / Member / Client is obliged to constantly monitor the General Terms and Conditions, which can be updated, amended and supplemented. In the event of disputes, the conditions applicable at the time of the order and its communication in writing to CUCLO shall apply.

2.4. Access to the service is provided exclusively through access to the publicly accessible website

2.5. By using the Site / Content / Service, the User / Member / Client is solely responsible for all activities for its use. It shall also be liable for any material, intellectual or electronic damages, or of any other nature, on the products of the site, the content, the CUCLO service or any third party with which CUCLO has signed contracts in accordance with current Bulgarian law.

2.6. If the User / Member / Client does not agree and / or does not accept and / or withdraw his approval given for the General Terms, he will send an email to stating his motives and requesting an update / change of the collected data.

2.6.1. In addition, he / she may at any time withdraw his / her consent to use the Service, other services offered by CUCLO through the Site, in this connection the User or the Client sends his request by email to

2.6.2. If the User and / or the Client does not wish to receive newsletters, alerts and / or information provided for marketing and advertising by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) from CUCLO, it may request STOP THE SUBSCRIPTION by pressing the corresponding button contained in all e-mail messages or by sending a request to the CUCLO Protection Officer at

2.6.3 The User / Member / Client, in view of the existing legislation and regulations on personal data protection, have the right to be forgotten by stating this to CUCLO on the basis of the trade agreement between the parties and in this respect may submit a request to the Responsible person to the data at The User / Client may at any time change his / her decision to disagree and / or not to accept the Document by expressing his / her agreement with the General Terms Document available in this form at this particular time.

2.6.4. In order to exercise the right provided for in Art. 2.6, it may connect with CUCLO or use the links in the content obtained by CUCLO intended for this purpose.

2.7. If the Client has paid for all outstanding contracts to CUCLO and revokes its consent, expressed in favor of the document, for the duration of an order, CUCLO will cancel its order without any additional obligation of either party to the other or none of parties to claim damages from the other.

2.8. This site is intended only for members of natural persons who are at least 18 years of age who have undergone the relevant stages of registration or makes purchases as a Guest User. By becoming a User, the person declares that he / she fulfills the above conditions.

3. Content

3.1. The content as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to logos, stylized images, trade symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content presented on the site, is the exclusive property of CUCLO and are he reserves all rights acquired in this respect, directly or indirectly (through a use and / or publication license).

3.2. The User or Client is not permitted to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and / or otherwise alter the use, linking to, displaying, including any content in any context other than originally intended by CUCLO, the inclusion of any content outside the CUCLO site, removal of the marks that mark CUCLO's copyright in the content, and participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of material made through reproduction , modifying or displaying the content except with the express consent of CUCLO.

3.3. Any content to which a User or Client has and / or accessed through any means is subject to the document, unless the content is accompanied by a specific and valid use agreement concluded between it and CUCLO and without any implied or an expressly worded warranty from CUCLO with respect to this content.

3.4. User or Client may copy, transfer and / or use the content for personal or non-commercial purposes only if they do not contravene the provisions of this document.

3.5. If CUCLO grants to the User or the Client the right to use, as described in a separate usage agreement, certain content to which the User has or has accessed as a result of that agreement, this right shall apply only to this or those content specified in the agreement, only during its continuation or these contents on the site or for the period specified in the agreement, under the specified conditions, if any and do not represent a contractual commitment by CUCLO for the respective Uses el, a Client or other third party who has / has access to this content transmitted in any way and which may or may be in any way damaged as a result of that content, during or after the expiration of the agreement for use.

3.6. No content transmitted to a User or Client by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by access, visit and / or viewing constitutes a contractual obligation on the part of CUCLO and / or employee or partner of CUCLO, who mediated the transfer of the content, if any, to the content in question.

3.7. Any use of the Content for any purpose other than those expressly authorized by the document or user agreement accompanying it, if any, is prohibited.

4. Contact for Customers and Users

4.1. CUCLO publishes complete and accurate identification and contact information for the Client or the User on the site.

4.2. By using the contact form or service of the site, the CUCLO User or Client declares and agrees to contact him through all available means, including via electronic means by CUCLO (not mandatory for the company) and understands that by filling in his contact details such as name, email address, telephone number, etc., such data will be processed and recorded in the database for the improvement of business relations, respectively for the proper implementation of economic and commercial and company activities. For details and further information on the processing and management of personal data, please review and read the article related to the Privacy Policy in this document.

4.3. Partial or full completion of the contact form and its submission does not in any way constitute a commitment on the part of CUCLO to contact the User or the Client.

4.4. The access to the Site, the use of the information presented on the site, the visit of the pages or the sending of e-mails or messages addressed to CUCLO, shall be carried out electronically, by phone or through any other means of communication available to the User. or Client and CUCLO, in such a way that it agrees to receive CUCLO messages by electronic and / or telephone means, including communication by email, short message (SMS) or website messaging.

4.5. The Client explicitly states that the contact details provided (email, telephone number, delivery address) belong to him and that they will be used by CUCLO for correspondence with the client.

5. Newsletters and newsletters

5.1. As soon as a User or Client creates a site profile by accepting the Document (Terms of Service), he or she has the right to express or not consent to receive newsletters and / or notices from CUCLO electronically and / or by phone, including by email, short message (SMS) or site messaging.

5.2. Data taken from the User for the purpose of sending newsletters and / or notices may and will be used by CUCLO in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

5.3. Refusal to receive newsletters and / or alerts from User or Client can be made at any time:

5.3.1. Using the dedicated link within each newsletter and / or notice received (at the end of the email in the "Click here to unsubscribe" section) when technically feasible;

5.3.2. By modifying your consent to receive newsletters and / or notices and by using restricted areas pages within the individual User Profile at

5.3.3. By contacting CUCLO, using the information mentioned above according to the contact information as specified in Art. 2.5 and without the subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any of the parties to be able to claim compensation.

5.4. Refusal to receive newsletters and / or notices does not imply a waiver of the consent given to this Document and will only apply / have effect at a future time after the intention to opt out has been sent.

5.5. CUCLO reserves the right to choose persons to send newsletters and / or notices, as well as the right to remove from its database any User or Client who has previously expressed his / her consent to receive newsletters and / or alerts without any other commitment from CUCLO or prior notification.

5.6. CUCLO will not include in the newsletters and / or notices sent to User or Client any other promotional material in the form of content that relates to a third party that is not CUCLO's trading partner at the time the newsletters are sent. and / or notices.

6. Privacy Policy

We take all measures envisaged to ensure that we protect and safeguard your personal data by implementing all necessary technical and organizational measures included in existing personal data protection legislation and regulations, including the General Regulation on personal data (EU) 679 / 2016 (GDPR).

The purpose of this article is to inform you of the personal data we process that you have provided us directly or through our website, as well as how we process that data.

6.1. In accordance with current legislation and regulations on personal data protection (GDPR), personal data is defined as any information about a data subject that is identified or identifiable.

Generally, the personal data to which the Company relates include your first and last name, place of residence, email address, personal identification number, customer code, air waybill identification code so that products can be sent to you, etc.

6.1.1. The personal data that CUCLO collects and processes are: first name and surname, place of residence (postal address required for delivery of goods), email address, telephone number, universal unique identifier (UUID), customer code, invoice data (for order finalization) ), voice, bank details (in case of a money back order), social media account.

We do not otherwise collect or process sensitive personal information, as defined in GDPR, as special data. We also do not wish to collect and process personal data of persons under the age of 18 years.

6.1.2. Therefore, in accordance with the GDPR, the controllers for this processing of personal data (controllers) is 2A2D Ltd, registered office: Sofia, Bulgaria, 36 Ami Boue Str., organized in accordance with Bulgarian legislation BG175288927. The personal information we have is collected / processed, etc.

6.1.3. The Company wishes to inform you that the information referred to in Article 6.1. and the following are only indicative and not comprehensive and for reporting to the data subject of the contracted service / specified by the client, the undersigned will collect the minimum amount of personal data required to fulfill the goals / activities pursued by CUCLO.

6.2. In connection with the management of this website, CUCLO collects specific information ("personal data") about the data subjects, data provided by individuals through the website, who voluntarily express their consent, directly (eg first name and surname, registered office , email, phone number, etc.) or indirectly (e.g., IP address, UUID, etc.)

6.3 The purposes for which the Company processes personal data provided by the Member / Client are as follows: - processing orders and refunding amounts paid; - implementation of contractual agreement with accounting partners - optimization of marketing activity - resolution of all requests regarding the execution of an order - Marketing communication - management of the CUCLO platform user account - statistical goals.

6.4 CUCLO collects, processes and manages your personal data in accordance with GDPR requirements for the following periods of time:
(1) in accordance with the legal requirements of the Civil and Penal Code regarding the requirements and contractual terms agreed upon when the General Terms are adopted, personal data is stored by the Company for a period of 3 years after the performance of the contract (in case of delivery and no request for a refund);
(2) the collected personal data is backed up / stored for a further 3 years in case of a request for a refund for the specific account.

In addition, we may process your personal information to inform you of products or services, promotional offers, or the fulfillment of your newsletter subscription. As a general rule, this set of personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes only after we have obtained your consent and through the communication channels (email, sms, etc.) that you have provided to us when giving your consent. With that in mind, it's important to know that our processing activities are based on your consent as long as you withdraw it and the ability to withdraw it at any time.

By providing his personal data, the client of CUCLO, declares and accepts without any other conditions the fact that his will will be included and archived in the database of the processor, giving his specific and unconditional consent for the processing of his personal data, as stated in Article 6.3.

6.5 CUCLO informs you that the processing of personal data is: any activity / set of activities regarding personal data (with or without the use of automated means), respective collection, recording, management, structuring, adaptation, change, extraction, consulting , use, distribution, provision, coordination, combination, restriction. deletion, destruction, etc. (this set of actions is exemplified in these terms and conditions; processing means any kind of personal data operation).

6.6 From a territorial point of view, the terms of the Regulation apply to any processing of personal data carried out by an controller or processor established in the EU, processing of personal data of EU data subjects by a controller or processor outside the EU, if : goods or services are offered to EU citizens or the behavior of EU citizens is monitored / profiled. CUCLO is the administrator, as indicated by applicable laws and regulations, including GDPR.

6.7 CUCLO informs you that, depending on the goods / services selected by the customer and for the purpose of the personal data processing activity, CUCLO may provide your personal data to other Group Companies, third parties or authorities for the fulfillment of the purposes as indicated grounds for processing. According to GDPR, we inform you that we may transmit or give access to your specific personal information to the following types of recipients:

• Companies in the order management group;
• Trading partners for the delivery of the goods and services ordered;
• Courier service providers;
• Payment or banking service providers;
• Accounting service providers for the performance of external accounting services;
• Insurance companies;
• Other third parties, with which we can develop joint programs to offer and deliver our products and services;
• Public authorities.

We guarantee you that we will take all due diligence activities to ensure that all processing and third parties implement all the necessary technical and organizational measures necessary to comply with the legal requirements of applicable law, including GDPR to ensure all rights of data subjects (client / member of CUCLO).

6.8 Depending on the purpose of the processing of personal data, the reason for the processing of personal data may be your consent when you created and confirmed your personal profile when you requested to become a customer / member of the CUCLO community. The reason is also a legal and / or contractual basis according to the contractual / commercial relationship between you (the client) and the company / companies of CUCLO when placing the order and making payment for the ordered products, upon returning a product which is a non-conforming or refused product, but also the legitimate interest of the company, which is required and necessary in the performance of the contractual and economic activities of the, as provided by the GDPR. We will process your personal data to improve and ensure that, where necessary,

6.9 We would like to inform you about the principles of the European Regulation (GDPR EU 679/2016) and the individual rights of data subjects.

6.10 The General Data Protection Regulation introduces a total of 6 principles that must be respected when processing personal data:

I. the principle of legality, fairness and transparency. According to this principle, the company should ensure that:
(1) the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with legal requirements and that other processing activities are illegal;
(2) the processing of personal data should be carried out in a reasonable manner for the data subject;
(3) the processing should be transparent, which means that the data controller should inform the data subjects openly and clearly about the purposes and means of processing;

II. the principle of purpose limitation.
The Company fulfills the principle by collecting and processing personal data solely for the purposes specified and communicated to the data subject;

III. principle of data minimization. The company fulfills this principle by processing only personal data that are necessary for the purposes / activities required; rules are in place to ensure that it does not collect unnecessary data in connection with the processing activity;

IV. principle of data accuracy. The company collects and processes from customers only accurate and up-to-date data;

V. principle of storage restriction. The Company complies with this principle in accordance with GDPR by archiving / storing your personal data only for a period of time necessary to fulfill the purposes of processing.

VI. the principle of confidentiality and privacy, the Company has implemented all necessary security measures and is internal rules that aim to guarantee security against unauthorized and illegal processing and rules against data breaches, data alteration or data loss.

6.11 The General Data Protection Regulation introduces a total of 8 rights for data subjects / customers, members of CUCLO as follows:
I. the right to information and transparency (Articles 13 and 14) - includes in the initial part of the "conditions" as well as in the information in this article data such as:
• personal data and contact details of the administrator and the representative;
• contact details of the DPO;
• objectives of processing and legal basis;
• data recipients or categories of data recipients;
• information on the transfer of personal data to a third country;
• proper guarantees;
• storage period;
• rights of data subjects;
• right of appeal;
• possible results from the provision of personal data;
• existence of logic and automatic profiling system;

II. the right of access (Article 15). The right of access is respected by the Company and means that the company makes:
• checks regarding the processing of personal data;
• provides access to personal data;
• provide a copy of the personal data involved in the processing activity;
• provide data as appropriate (for a reasonable fee);
• remote access, assisted by a system that allows the data subject to view the data;
• validation of the identity of the data subject;

III. right of correction (Art. 16, Art. 19) - this right is respected by the company and concerns the correction and completion of data;
IV. the right to be forgotten (Art. 17, Art. 19) - the company shall secure this right at the request of the data subjects only if this request is justified and justified:
1. Reasons: the data is no longer needed; withdrawal of consent; objection; illegal processing; compliance with a legal requirement arising from the EU and / or local authorities; providing services to a child / minor unless the requirements are met
2. The right cannot be claimed and therefore granted if processing is necessary to: ensure freedom of expression and information; compliance with a legal requirement; performance of an obligation of public interest; health related; archiving; historical and scientific research; statistical objectives; identification, application and defense of a right before a court;

V. right to restrict processing (Art. 18, Art. 19) - this right may be claimed as follows:
1. where: the accuracy of the data is challenged; illegal processing; data is no longer needed;
2. the controller can only store personal data
3. the processing activity requires the consent of the data subject
4. the controller provides all recipients with an update / change of the data processing restriction;
VI. the right to portability (Article 20). According to the GDPR, the company should assist the data subject in the event of a data transfer request; in a simple format, machine readable and sent to an administrator designated by the data subject;
VII. the right to object to processing (Article 21) may be claimed only for the following processing purposes: direct marketing; scientific and historical research; carrying out activities of public interest; exercise of public authority; legitimate interest of an administrator or third party VIII. the right not to be evaluated by automated profiling (Article 22) requires:
1. the unlawful nature of the creation of profiles, regardless of the objective: automatic evaluation of the capacity and quality of work of employees; lending - evaluation;
2. Exception: Existence of consent from the data subject;

You should also know that you can contact CUCLO's Data Protection Officer at We assure you that we will make every effort we can to properly respond to your requests and provide all the information requested!

We also inform you that you have the right to file a complaint with your local data processing authority.

In order to claim some of the rights of the data subjects mentioned above as a client of CUCLO, you have the right to send written requests to and to request some of your rights to intervene in relation to: ( (i) rectification, updating, limitation or deletion if the processing of personal data does not comply with the requirements of national law Law No. 190/2018 on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the approach of Directive 95/46 / EC, as well as EU Regulation 679/2016, and may apply to all the aforementioned actions, especially when the data is incomplete or inaccurate, (ii) anonymity of personal data, (iii) notification to a third party, to which the data are transmitted insofar as the efforts required to do so are disproportionate to the legitimate interest it may influence; and (iv) blocking processing activities as far as possible according to the purpose of processing. As an administrator, we would like to inform you that we will immediately stop processing personal data when the purpose for which we collect the data is complete.

7. Cookies Policy on

A cookie is a file of small size, special text, often encoded, sent from the server to a web browser, and then sent back (without modification) from the browser each time that server is accessed. The cookie is installed on request issued by a web server to a browser (eg Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla) and is completely "passive" (contains no software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access the hard drive driver information User). Cookies are used to identify and track user behavior; typical applications are retention of consumer preferences and implementation of the shopping cart system. These files allow us to recognize the user's terminal and present the content appropriately, tailored to users' preferences. Cookies provide users with a pleasurable experience of browsing and supporting CUCLO's efforts to provide comfortable customer service: for example, online privacy preferences and shopping cart history. They are also used in the preparation of anonymous, aggregated statistics that help to understand how users are using, which allows for improved structure and content, but excluding personal identification of the user.

CUCLO uses two types of cookies: per session and fixed (temporary files that remain in the user's terminal until the session ends or the application / web browser closes). The fixed files remain on the user's terminal for a certain period of time in the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user. Cookies used by the Affiliate's partners on a web page are subject to the applicable Privacy Policy.

A visit to may promote: Site Performance Cookies, Visitor Analysis Cookies, Geotargetting Cookies, Registration Cookies, Advertising Cookies, or Advertising Provider Cookies.

The personal data collected through the use of cookies can only be collected to facilitate certain functionality for the User and is encrypted in a way that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing them. In general, an application used to access web pages allows cookies to be stored at the default terminal. These settings can be changed so that automatic cookie management is blocked by the web browser or the user is informed every time cookies are sent to his or her terminal or. Detailed information about the capabilities and ways of managing cookies can be found in the application's settings area (web browser). Restricting the use of cookies may affect some functionality of Cookies are the focus of effective internet browsing, helping to generate a friendly browsing experience and tailored to each user's preferences and interests. Refusing or disabling cookies may make some sites unusable. Due to their flexibility and the fact that most of the most visited and largest sites use cookies, they are almost inevitable; disabling cookies will not allow the user to access the most common and used websites, including YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo and more. Due to their flexibility and the fact that most of the most visited and largest sites use cookies, they are almost inevitable; disabling cookies will not allow the user to access the most common and used websites, including YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo and more. Due to their flexibility and the fact that most of the most visited and largest sites use cookies, they are almost inevitable; disabling cookies will not allow the user to access the most common and used websites, including YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo and more.

Examples of important cookie apps:
• Content and services tailored to the user's preferences - categories of products and services.
• Adapted Consumer Interest Access - Remembering Passwords.
• Remembering child safety filters about internet content (family mode options, SafeSearch features).
• Measurement, optimization and analytics - such as confirmation of a certain level of traffic on a website, what type of content is viewed, and how a user accesses the website (e.g., through search engines directly from other sites, etc.). Web sites develop these analyzes of their use to improve the sites for the benefit of the users.

Security and privacy issues Cookies are not viruses and use plain text formats; they do not consist of pieces of code, so they cannot be automatically executed. Therefore, they cannot be duplicated or replicated to other networks to be played or replicated. Because they cannot perform these functions, they cannot be considered viruses. Because cookies can be used for negative purposes, they store information about users' browsing preferences and browsing history, both on a particular site and on several other sites, being used as a form of Spyware (consumer activity spying), very anti -spyware products mark the cookies sequentially as being deleted during deletion / anti-virus / anti-spyware scanning procedures.

Usually browsers have built-in privacy settings that deliver different levels that deliver different levels of cookie acceptance, validity, and automatic deletion after a user visits a site. Since identity protection is very valuable and a right for every Internet user, it is advisable to know what potential problems cookies may create. Because they continuously transmit information between the browser and the website in both directions, if a hacker or unauthorized person interferes with the data transmission, the information contained in the cookie can be detected. Although rare, this can happen if the browser connects to the server using an unencrypted network (e.g., unsecured WiFi network). Other cookie-based attacks, include wrong cookie settings on servers. It is very important for the user to choose the most appropriate method of protecting personal information and to:

• Customize your browser's cookie settings to reflect a comfortable level of cookie security.
• Set long expiration times to store browsing history and personal access data.
It means setting up the browser to delete individual navigation data each time you close the browser. This is an option to access sites that set cookies and delete any visit information when the browsing session closes.
• Installs and updates anti-spyware applications constantly.
Many spyware detection and prevention applications include site attack detection. This prevents the browser from accessing websites that could exploit browser vulnerabilities or download malware. It is recommended that you update your browser programs constantly, because many cookie-based attacks take place when exploiting the weaknesses of older versions of browsers. All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the options or browser preferences.

8. Card payment

If the Client chooses an online payment with an equivalence card of orders, contracts and / or contracts, and authorizes deferrals for settlement of transactions, the acceptance of the cards is made exclusively through PayU SA through an integrated solution. PayU SA is a provider of CUCLO software solutions to facilitate e-commerce, ie. payment services, payment management and fraud protection.

All types of cards issued by Bulgarian and foreign banks with the VISA and MasterCard logo are accepted, provided that they are activated by the issuing banks for online payments. Credit card payments are also accepted for installment payments as listed on the payment information page. Other payment methods are by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

CUCLO does not request or store any information regarding the Client's bank card or cards, and it is processed directly on the servers of the online payment service provider.

9. Online Sales Policy

9.1. Access to the service

9.1.1. Access to the service is allowed to any User who owns or creates an account on the site or download the iOS or Android mobile application.

9.1.2. In order to allow User access to the Services, it is necessary to accept the provisions of the Document.

9.1.3. CUCLO reserves the right to restrict the customer's access to Services or marketing campaigns (not to include him in promotion and loyalty campaigns, to allow him to place orders only with advance payment, etc.), as well as to cancel orders already made in the following cases: orders made and refused more than twice in the payment and delivery system, more than 2 canceled orders by the Client by means of the "Cancel Order" button or by a written notification sent to, or change and orders concerning to the return of 20 products per month of products ordered by the customer in writing to the email address, using preubeden language, infringement of intellectual property rights, etc., access and existence of the Client Profile could in any way damage CUCLO. CUCLO retains this right except in the cases permitted by Art. 7.3.7 and any other criterion mentioned above is valid first. This right can be exercised at any time and there is no need to notify the Client in this sense.

9.1.4. Each User can have one single account. Sharing one account between multiple Users / Clients is prohibited.

9.1.5. If access is shared between several Clients, CUCLO reserves the right to revoke or terminate Client's access to the Content or the Service. If there are orders sent from suspended or canceled accounts, they will be automatically canceled.

9.1.6 CUCLO has the right to cancel an order after prior notification to the Client, without any obligation between the parties and without any party to claim compensation in the following situations:
error / cancellation of online transactions;
• rejection by the issuing bank of the Client's card for the transaction in online payments;
• provision of incomplete or inaccurate data by the Client;
• the Client's activity may be detrimental on the site, the company CUCLO and / or the partners;

The Client uses the Service in a manner incompatible with normal and conscientious use or exercise of rights, to cause damages or damages to CUCLO excessively and unreasonably;
successive deliveries failed by the fault of the Client;
other justifiable reasons.

9.2. Products and services

9.2.1. CUCLO may post on the Site information about the products, services and / or promotions practiced by them to any third party with which CUCLO has entered into partnership agreements or agreements, for a specified period and within its scope.

9.2.2. The products and / or services purchased through the service are intended solely for the personal use of the Client.

9.2.3. CUCLO may limit the amount of purchases of certain products or services available on the Site at one time to one or more Customers for good reason.

9.2.4. All tariffs for the products or services presented on the site are in BGN (BGN) and include VAT.

9.2.5. The invoice of the purchased products is issued only in BGN using the information provided by the Client in the relevant form. CUCLO is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Client for the invoice or for the inability to deduct costs due to incorrectly submitted information from the Client. Invoices are issued as follows: an advance invoice is issued for prepaid payments prior to the receipt of the products or services, and a final invoice is issued for the payments made at the time of receipt of the goods at the time of dispatch to the Client (at the moment when the shipment is delivered of the courier). Reversals (cancellations, returns) are invoiced. All invoices are issued and registered automatically and are included in tax reports.

9.2.6 Payment for products and / or services purchased through the service can be made online by debit card, bank transfer, and courier delivery only in cash.

9.2.7. In the case of online card payments, CUCLO is / cannot be held liable for any other additional costs incurred by the Client, including but not limited to the conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of its card, if the currency its issue differs from BGN. Only the Client is responsible for this action.

9.2.8 Cash on delivery of a courier (cash on delivery) is a delayed payment for the products, at risk for CUCLO from termination of the Contract by the Client. Therefore, this payment method is valid only in certain cases and only for certain products, and CUCLO reserves the right to apply or not this method, depending on internal requirements. At the time of ordering, the Client is informed and accepts in full the proposed / noted payment method. If the Customer orders larger quantities of a product (more than 10 of the same type), for products delivered directly from the manufacturer (in this case it is explicitly mentioned in the product description on the site) or products according to certain internal criteria (limited quantity, fragile and bulky products, products requiring special maneuvering), CUCLO only offers online payment by card. For products that do not meet the above criteria, CUCLO may offer payment by bank transfer. Method of payment by cash on delivery at the courier is paid extra.

9.2.9.Payment or delivery (courier) payment is a payment method available only in some cases and for certain products. In case the Client has undelivered and unpaid orders, the total amount of which is equal to or exceeds BGN 2200, CUCLO provides only the possibility for advance payment (online payment or bank transfer) of the additional orders. This option is active at the time of ordering directly on the site. CUCLO may NOT be obliged to offer the option of Paying the cash order upon delivery (to the courier) to customers with proven past with canceled / canceled orders or who through their activity different from normal users may knowingly harm the site, the company 2A2D Ltd. and / or its partners.

9.2.10. Sales event information used to describe the products, features and weights available on the site (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / links to other sites, etc.) is not a contractual obligation of CUCLO. It is used solely for the purpose of presenting the products. CUCLO may withdraw a product offer or may modify it at any time until the order is placed without owing any compensation or other penalties to any potential customer.

9.2.11. In images of products and / or services, CUCLO reserves the right to use other products (accessories / etc) that may not be included in the price for the respective products and will therefore not be delivered when purchasing the products. In this case, the product description shall explicitly indicate which goods are being sold and shall also be indicated on the image.

9.2.12 In the unlikely event that CUCLO will not be able to deliver part of the products, the customer will be notified by email, offering cancellation of the contract or removal of the product from the contract which cannot be delivered;

9.2.13 Ecotax - value, expressed in BGN, paid by CUCLO to an authorized company that undertakes the collection, transportation and recovery / recycling of waste electronic and electrical equipment, as provided for in HG No. 1037/2010 on waste electronic and electrical equipment, under Bulgarian legislation. According to the law, the eco-tax is invoiced by CUCLO (producer) and must be finally borne by the end customer (Consumer).

9.3. Online order

9.3.1. The customer may place orders for products offered at one time only on the site. The price displayed on the site at the time of ordering will not change, remains final. For an expired offer, orders cannot be placed. CUCLO may change prices, offers, quantities at any time by external criteria ( stock, etc.), taking into account orders already made. CUCLO cannot be obliged to keep a price except for orders already made. Potential customers who view the offers but do not place an order cannot request a price / offer different from the one listed on the site:

9.3.2. Upon completion of the order, the Client agrees that all the information provided by the Client necessary for the purchase process is accurate, complete and correct at the date of the order specified in this document and the order issued.

9.3.3. The distance contract is considered to have been concluded by CUCLO when the order made by the Client is confirmed electronically by CUCLO after receiving all products (quantitative and qualitative) from the order of CUCLO. In addition, prior to the Client validating the order and before the shipment of the Products, CUCLO is entitled to contact the Client through all available means agreed by CUCLO (telephone or e-mail) in order to receive the Client's personal confirmation regarding the identification data and delivery. Customers accept that CUCLO cannot be forced to confirm / deliver products to persons who have not verified their identification and delivery.

9.3.4. CUCLO denounces unilaterally and automatically cancel the order made by the Client, even without prior notice to the client, without any additional obligation of either party to the other or without either party to claim compensation in the following cases: rejection by the issuing bank of the Client's card in the online payment transaction; cancellation of the transaction by the card processing company approved by CUCLO for online payments; the data provided by the Client regarding the delivery (address, contact details) of the site are incomplete or incorrect; the activities of the Client on the Site may and / or cause damage of any kind to CUCLO and / or their partners; making more than two consecutive failed deliveries; for other objective reasons.

9.3.5. If the Client withdraws from an advance payment order, bank transfer or online card payment and if the issuing bank of the Client's card has authorized the bank transaction, this amount will be refunded by CUCLO within 14 days from the date on which CUCLO was informed of this fact.

9.3.6. If some products ordered by the Client in an order made with advance payment (by bank transfer - confirmed or by online card payment) are not available in stock, CUCLO will inform the Client about this fact immediately after upon learning of the non-availability of the products and will order the refund of the amounts paid in advance within a maximum of 14 days from the moment when the Client was notified.

9.3.7. An order sent may be changed only in the circumstances specified in this Article and only at the request of the Client. The client shall send the request in writing by email to, clearly stating his request and the order number, in the presence of any of the following circumstances:
1. The customer gives up the product and notifies CUCLO before the order is sent;
2. Increase the amount of product already existing in an order, a product in an active campaign at the time of request;
3. Delayed delivery with a maximum of two weeks above the maximum delivery time;
4. Change shipping address;
5. Consolidation of orders (valid only for cash on delivery orders) with close delivery times (maximum one day difference in final delivery interval). Upon unification of a particular order, the basic order will be canceled and its status will be "canceled order", and the products from the respective pooled order will be transferred to the order that the pooling desires;
6 Change your payment method;
7. Change of invoice data - for invoices already issued, no changes can be made related to the legal / natural person (replacement with a new person), but only technical corrections (name / company name, contact details, etc.). );

9.3.8 Orders cannot be changed - if the Client has indicated as a method of payment online or by bank transfer.

9.3.9. If a Client changes his / her personal data using the forms available on the site, all on-going orders currently available will retain the specified / approved data by the Client prior to the moment of change, taking into account the delivery and contact of the new respectively changed data.

9.3.10. The placed order can be canceled before it is sent via the "Cancel Order" button from the Client Profile or by a written request from the Client by email:, clearly mentioning the cancellation and the order number.

9.3.11 For each order, the Client is obliged to check and accept the Contract.

9.4. Order by phone

9.4.1. Customer / User cannot place orders by phone. The Client / User cannot request a change of order by telephone.

9.5. Contract and finalization

9.5.1. The products offered through will be delivered to the customers in the form of sales of distance goods. The trader is the company 2A2D Ltd. with identification data, UIC BG175288927.

9.5.2 CUCLO will issue and submit to the Client all necessary documents, certifying the purchase of products / services by the Client in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

9.5.3. CUCLO will facilitate informing the Client of the stage of completion at which his order is located by sending an informative email to the address provided by him. The invoice issued will contain all the required information and can be downloaded in PDF format from the Client's profile.

9.5.4. The contract, after the documents certifying the delivery of the Client by courier (bill of lading, signed and reported) by CUCLO are added to it, a contract is executed.

9.5.5. The contract is concluded for a fixed term. It shall be deemed to have been fulfilled as soon as the parties have fulfilled their mutual obligations within the terms and conditions set out in this document.

9.5.6 When there are differences between the list of delivered products (can be downloaded from "My Account") and the contents of the parcel, the Client is obliged to notify CUCLO and the courier (if the establishment is made in his presence) within 24 hours after receiving the parcel by phone or email at with details (photo, explanations, etc.).

9.6. Transportation

9.6.1.The costs for courier delivery of the products purchased from by CUCLO are the following:
1. For delivery of ordered products with a total value of less than 85.00 BGN, the delivery fee is calculated within the courier system (VAT included);
2. for delivery of ordered products with a total value over 85.00 BGN, the delivery is free of charge and is fully accepted by CUCLO.
The total value of the order is communicated to the Client at the time of placing the order and the Client explicitly accepts the order, in which the estimates for the price of transport were made, regardless of the data that were the basis for determining this price. As a result, the Client cannot request delivery of the order for a lower freight cost based on individual package measurements.
If the delivery cannot be made without violating the legal provisions of the service provider, the courier company may refuse delivery at the door of the house / building.

9.6.2. The delivery time of an order is explicitly announced when it is placed and is within working days, influenced by: the number of products in the order and the processing time of each product, etc. The total delivery time can be shifted over time from a particular product with a longer period, so the Client accepts that by combining several products into one order, the delivery of the products will shift in time to the farthest date. As a rule, products from one order are shipped in one package with one bill of lading.

Deliveries are usually made within the specified period, taken at the time of placing the order (varies between 2 and 4 working days) and the Client may receive information about the delivery status at any time. If the product can be delivered beyond the aforementioned deadline, CUCLO will inform the Client immediately by e-mail, offering him two options: the Client may cancel (in writing) the order / product or accept the proposed new delivery time. In case payment is made in advance of delivery, the paid amounts will be fully refunded in accordance with the law within 14 days from the date of cancellation.

9.6.3 CUCLO may have campaigns with free delivery at the amount of 0 (zero) BGN. Free delivery applies to the delivery of goods with a total value over 85.00 BGN, only under certain conditions and not only:
1. keeping the contract / order in the original formula (no changes / delays);
2. CUCLO initiative change order: change in delivery period (especially delays).

9.7. Quality and guarantees

9.7.1. CUCLO complies with the guarantee provisions under current Bulgarian law. The clear details of these warranties are given in the product documents and no User may require an extended warranty beyond that specified. The warranty applies to normal conditions of use and is only valid for products purchased and paid for by CUCLO Client. The products have a guarantee of conformity in accordance with the provisions of Law 449/2003 as set out in Directive 1999/44 / EC on the sale of consumer goods and related guarantees or if a longer warranty period is specified in the product's presentation term. The responsibility of CUCLO, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 9-14 of Law 449/2003 is engaged if a discrepancy arises within a period of 2 years, as of delivery of the product. The guarantee offers a refund for non-compliant products, which are notified by the Client in writing within the legal deadline; CUCLO does not replace or repair defective or non-compliant products. Nonconforming products are again owned by CUCLO. The customer is not entitled to compensation or penalties for non-compliant products and, by placing the order, states that he agrees to receive the equivalence of the products and transport in case of lack of conformity. Nonconforming products are again owned by CUCLO. The customer is not entitled to compensation or penalties for non-compliant products and, by placing the order, states that he agrees to receive the equivalence of the products and transport in case of lack of conformity. Nonconforming products are again owned by CUCLO. The customer is not entitled to compensation or penalties for non-compliant products and, by placing the order, states that he agrees to receive the equivalence of the products and transport in case of lack of conformity.

9.7.2. Clear details about the key features of each product are provided on the site. Information on the CUCLO general warranty terms and instructions for use of the various product types may be provided to the customer in electronic form and are available on the CUCLO profile or may be requested by e-mail. If this information did not reach the client, it can be requested by phone or e-mail

9.8. Cancellation and Return of Products

9.8.1. With the exception of the restrictions of Art. 9.9 With respect to the purchase with CUCLO credits, the Client may return the products purchased under the Contract and is entitled to receive the entire amount paid for the products in the following situations: The products have gross damages that make them inappropriate; The products delivered are different (specifications, quantity, etc.) according to the order placed; The products have manufacturing defects. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the day of delivery of the product.

The Client has the right to refuse within 14 days from the date of: 1. conclusion of the contract - for a service contract; 2. acceptance of the goods by the Client or by a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the Client - in the case of a sales contract, or:
1. when the Client has ordered many goods with one order, which are delivered separately as of the date on which The Client or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Client accepting the last good;
2. upon delivery of goods consisting of multiple lots or parts, as of the date on which the Client or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Client accepts the last lot or part;
3. in the case of contracts for the regular supply of goods, which are made over a period of time from the date on which the consumer or a third party.

9.8.2. CUCLO may offer to cover all shipping costs for returned products (both on delivery and on return, regardless of the reason for return) as a loyalty procedure if the form mentioned in Art. 7.8.3 1., and the return is requested and processed through the My Account section of By completing the return form, the Client may select products from one or more orders at a time.

9.8.3. Before the expiry of the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal, the Client informs CUCLO of his decision to withdraw from the contract. For this purpose, the Client may choose one of the following options:
1. to use the model of the withdrawal form available on the website of 2A2D the "Product Return" section;
2. make any other unambiguous statement in which he / she expresses his / her decision to withdraw from the contract.

9.8.4. A client who has notified CUCLO pursuant to Art. 7.8.3, has the responsibility to ensure that the products it has indicated are returned or handed over to CUCLO or to a person authorized by CUCLO to accept the products (usually the courier company indicated on the return form at, without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date on which he notified CUCLO his decision to withdraw from the contract. By completing the return form, the Client may select products from one or more orders at a time (those with a maximum period of 14 days). The time limit is met if the products are sent by the Customer before the expiration of the 14-day period, properly packed in order to be preserved during the transport.
The customer has the responsibility to prove that he sent the products to CUCLO by keeping the document (the awb-lifting products) offered by the courier company, at the time of the return, until the legal term for reimbursement of the amount. Through the return form, the Client notifies Cuclo of the return request, and CUCLO picks up the products mentioned in the return form and made available to the Client in the following working days, not exceeding the 14 legal days.

9.8.5. The customer of CUCLO shall not be entitled to return the purchased products and / or to claim any damages in the following situations: If the request for return for each of the situations provided for in Art. 7.8.1, is the date of dispatch of the notice of intention to return, which exceeds the 14-day period provided for in Art. 7.8.2 calculated from the next business day of the executed contract. If a product is returned on the grounds provided for in Art. 7.8.1 and the returned product is not in the same condition as it was delivered (with all documents and items accompanying it). If the products are made according to the specifications presented by the Customer or clearly customized. If sealed products have been ordered and delivered that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons and have been printed by the Customer (these products are marked as non-refundable in the description). If products have been ordered and delivered which, after delivery, are in accordance with their nature, inseparably mixed with other elements.

9.8.6. The user / customer will be notified by email of the order being sent if it is refundable or if there is a charge in the event of a return. The products that make up a set must be returned as a set. Boxes and protective packaging are considered part of the product.

9.8.7. In the event that the Client withdraws from the contract, CUCLO reimburses to him all the funds received as payment from him, including, when the cost of delivery is required, without undue delay, and in any case no later than 14 days from the date on which they were notified of the Client's decision to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Art. 9.8.2. and 9.8.3. The reimbursement shall be made in the same way used by the Client in the initial transaction, except in cases where the Client has agreed to another method of reimbursement and provided that the obligation to pay commissions after the repayment of the amount does not fall to the Client.

9.8.8 The CUCLO customer may return the products purchased through the Agreement and is entitled to receive the partially paid value for the products if they are able to reduce their resale value (do not contain all components, do not have original documentation or other reasons that change the original product).

9.8.9. If the client does not properly package for the protection / transportation of the returned products, the courier indicated in the return form has the right not to take over the products that are specified for return at the expense of CUCLO. If the Client sends inappropriately packaged security / transport products by other means (other courier, personal transmission, etc.), the Client shall be responsible for all damages, defects, defects discovered at the time of returning the products. The above provisions do not apply to the original packaging of the products, but to any packaging that meets the standards of the courier indicated on the courier page, which are able to protect the products according to their specifications (material, sizes, etc.).


10.1. Anyone who wants to make a gift can purchase a Gift Card of the desired value by filling in the recipient's details. The gift card is sent to the customer via e-mail as well as under the "Gift Cards" section of the customer's profile.

10.2. Conditions for the purchase and use of Gift Cards:

The gift card can be purchased online here (link);

The gift card can only be purchased online with a bank card, with no fees or commissions. The value of the Gift Card is equal to the amount paid by the Client upon purchase;

The value of the Gift Card is 50 BGN 100 BGN or 250 BGN. Depending on the wish of the Client, the value of the Gift Card can be determined directly by the Client by entering the required amount between 25 BGN and 200 BGN;

The gift card can be used only once (single, non-reusable), within its value, only for the products available on the website and is valid for one year from the date of its issuance. and sending it to the Client. After this period, the Gift Card expires automatically. The value of the products purchased must be equal to or greater than the value of the Gift Card. The value of the Gift Card is deducted from the total value of the order basket. If the total value of the products in the order basket is lower than the value of the Gift Card, this difference is lost, not saved / transferred to the Client's account;

If the product purchased with a Gift Card exceeds the value of the latter, the difference that remains to be paid may be paid by all means of payment provided by;

Multiple Gift Cards may be purchased at the same time. They can be emailed to the same Client and in his profile on the site One Gift Card can only be used within one order; Gift Cards cannot be collected;

The gift card is delivered only in electronic format, as soon as possible, by e-mail and in the customer account, as soon as the payment is processed;

The gift card can be customized by the Client and issued in electronic format with a unique barcode and cannot be replaced in case of theft or loss;

Use of the Gift Card means acceptance of the conditions attached to it in this section;

The gift card can be used as soon as it is issued;

The gift card is transferable and can be used by someone other than the person whose name was originally purchased;

Gift Cards cannot be converted to BGN and cannot be used outside the site;

In the case of fraud suspected of receiving and using the Gift Cards, CUCLO reserves the right to terminate or unilaterally terminate any use of the CUCLO Gift Cards without the user (the Client) having the right to claim compensation for the lost benefits or the equivalence of these Gift cards;

10.3. Return policy

The gift card may be returned under the same conditions provided for in Art. 9.8. of this document Terms and Conditions;

If the Client or the User of the Gift Card wishes to return the product (s) purchased with the Gift Card, the return will be made under the conditions specified in Art. 9.8 of this document Terms and Conditions. The value of returned products purchased with Gift Cards will be refunded to the bank / customer-specified bank account.

11. Fraud

11.1. CUCLO does not require any communication (email / telephone / SMS / etc) from its Customers or Users regarding confidential information, bank accounts / cards or personal passwords.

11.2. Client / User assumes all responsibility for providing its confidential information to a third party.

11.3. CUCLO assumes no liability in the event that the User / Client would / would be harmed in any way by a third party claiming to be / represent the interests of CUCLO.

11.4. Client or User informs CUCLO of such attempts using the contact details.

11.5. CUCLO does not encourage Spam. Any User / Client who has explicitly provided their email address on the site may choose to disable the client profile associated with that email address.

11.6. The communication made by CUCLO electronically from a distance (ie email) contains the complete identification and relevant data of the sender or links to them, at the date of transmission of the content.

11.7. The following goals will be considered an attempt to defraud the site / content and / or CUCLO. CUCLO reserves the right to institute criminal proceedings against those or those who have attempted to achieve this objective (s):
11.7.1. for accessing data of any kind to another User / Client using an account or any other method.
11.7.2. modify or modify the contents of the Site or any correspondence sent in any way by CUCLO to User / Client.
11.7.3. to interfere with the operation of the server (s) on which the site operates.
11.7.4. to access or disclose to third parties who do not have the necessary legal authority the content sent in any way by CUCLO to a User / Client when it is not the legitimate recipient of the content.

12. Limitation of Liability

12.1. CUCLO may not be held liable in any way to any User / Client who uses the Site or the Content for purposes other than those specified in these General Terms and Conditions.

12.2. In the event that the User / Client believes that the content submitted in any way by CUCLO violates copyright or any other rights, he may contact for more details with CUCLO, according to the contact details of, so that CUCLO could make an informed decision on the matter.

12.3. CUCLO does not guarantee User or Client access to the site or service, in the absence of registration by the latter by following the stages of registration of the site and does not give him the right to download or modify the content and / or completely, to reproduce in part or fully content, copy, or otherwise use any content, or transfer to a third party content in respect of which it has and / or has obtained access under a usage agreement, without the prior written consent of CUCLO.

12.4. CUCLO is not responsible for the content, quality or character of other websites accessed through content links, regardless of the nature of those links. These sites are the sole responsibility of their respective owners.

12.5. CUCLO shall be exempt from any liability in the case of use of sites and / or content sent to a User or Client through any means (electronic, telephone, etc.), through the websites, e-mail or employee of CUCLO when using this of the Content may or may cause damage of any kind to the User, Client and / or third party involved in this Content Transmission.

12.6. CUCLO does not offer any direct or indirect warranty that:
12.6.1. the service will be according to the Client's requirements;
12.6.2. the service will be continuous, secure or error free of all kinds;
12.6.3. products / services received for free or for a fee through the service will meet the Client's requirements or expectations;

13. Force majeure and contingencies

13.1. Unless otherwise expressly provided, no party to an ongoing contract will be held liable for the default and / or improper, in whole or in part, performance of any of the obligations. her contract, if the default was caused by an event of force majeure.

13.2. The party or legal representative of the party invoking the above event shall inform the other party immediately and fully of the occurrence of the force majeure event and take all measures at its disposal to limit the consequences of the event in question.

13.3. The party or legal representative of the country invoking the abovementioned event is released from this obligation only if the event does not allow it to end.

13.4. If, within 15 days from the date of its occurrence, the relevant event does not cease, either Party shall have the right to notify the other Party of the termination of this Agreement without any of them being able to claim damages.

13.5. The party invoking force majeure must prove the inability to fulfill its obligations within 30 days from the date of occurrence of the event, but within the limits of Art. 10.3.

13.6. Exceptionally (not through CUCLO's fault) and as a result of an unforeseen event (such as an incident with the supplier or the carrier), the delivery of the products may not be possible.

14. Disputes

14.1. By using / visiting / viewing / etc on sites and / or any content sent by CUCLO to the User / Client through access and / or sending in various ways (electronic, telephone, etc.), The User agrees to the provisions of "General terms".

14.2. Any dispute regarding these Terms and Conditions, which may arise between User / Client and CUCLO, will be settled by mutual agreement.

14.3. Any dispute, of any kind, which may arise between Consumer and CUCLO will be settled by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, the conflict will be resolved by the competent court at the headquarters of CUCLO or by the competent court at the consumer's headquarters, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

14.4. Having regard to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 on online resolution of consumer disputes and amendment of Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EU, CUCLO offers the User / Client the opportunity to choose how to resolve any disputes out of court using the European online dispute resolution platform (SOL platform), a digital tool created by the European Commission , to facilitate the resolution of out-of-court disputes independently, impartially, transparently, effectively, promptly and fairly, disputes relating to contractual obligations arising out of sales contracts or the provision of online services consumer rights resident in the European Union and a trader established in the European Union. ODR .

14.5. If any of the above clauses is found null or void, for whatever reason, that clause will not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.

14.6. This document has been drawn up and will be interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian law.

15. Final provisions

15.1. CUCLO reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions, as well as any changes to the site / its structures / service, as well as any content, without prior notice to the User or Client.

15.2. Within the terms of the Terms and Conditions, CUCLO will not be held responsible for any errors that occur on the site for any reason, including due to changes, settings, etc. that are not made by the site administrator.

15.3. CUCLO reserves the right to introduce advertising banners of any nature and / or links on any page of the Site, in accordance with applicable law.

15.4. For all matters not covered by these General Terms and Conditions, the applicable provisions of Bulgarian law shall apply.

16. Contact and other information

16.1. Questions or suggestions regarding the site are received by CUCLO on the phone: +359898599020, Monday to Friday, working hours: 09:00 - 18:00 or by email at

16.2. Any comments, questions, feedback, ideas, suggestions or other communications or information about or related to the site, the functionality or its improvement, are the property of CUCLO – 2A2D Ltd.

Processing of personal data: 2A2D Ltd is registered as processer of personal data.

The personal data processing officer can be contacted at

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